Predictive analytics tools are being increasingly used by telecom companies for resource optimisation. Telco operators routinely collect user as well as usage data, however, as such data is generated on a daily basis, the operators are unable to organise it and extract resourceful samples from it to properly train AI models that manage networks and their resources.

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Use Cases

Robust anomaly detection

Anomaly detection algorithms are used to identify network defects. Due to lack of good-quality data, the accuracy of such algorithms is severely affected. betterdata offers improved training for predictive AI models by automatically classifying the different types of anomalies and synthesising new data accordingly. Users can also compare, contrast and fine-tune multiple ML models for anomaly detection tasks with betterdata's pipelines.

Data monetisation

Data is the new currency and the value of information assets is becoming more lucrative with time. betterdata generates synthetic data that is as-good-as real data, has the same statistical and business value, and is not traceable back to the real users. This makes it highly suitable to be monetised without any data privacy and compliance concerns.

AI Operations (AIOps)

Similar to DevOps, AIOps enables teams to manage huge volumes of data collected from modern IT environments, maintain uptime, guarantee continuous quality service assurance and prevent outages. betterdata helps you to create different training datasets and AI models, and seamlessly integrate production ML models/pipelines with your existing IT infrastructure.